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How to transfer video from an 8mm or Hi8 camcorder to a Macintosh computer. Product Repair Repair information and service assistance. Register a Product Keep track of all your products in one location. Community A place where you can find solutions and ask questions. We're sorry. Chrome Download the latest version. Internet Explorer Download the latest version. Firefox Download the latest version. Safari Download the latest version. That seems like a general policy of Sony not to support Apple. Now Sony puts the blame on Apple, and Apple puts it on Sony.

Bottom line for me is that it should really be up to the manufacturer of a device to ensure that it works with a Mac. Having said all that, there is a cool programme for the Mac, VisualHub , that eats and converts to most formats. Again, not totally free, but nice piece of software if you work more with video. Thanks for the comment and idea Desperado. I did the ffmpegx thing, but still did not end up with any audio. Am I doing something wrong here? The video is converting fine, just no sound. Thanks for any input! When I had that problem it was cause i was doing mpeg2 to. Dunno if your problem is similar.

VERY frustrating! For someone like me, who just wants to shoot video and play with it in iMovie…even the Apple site is of little assistance. The Canon MD range ZR range in some countries plugs straight in to a mac via firewire and downloads into iMovie without any trouble at all — plug and play at its simplest. Quality seems great for something that was half the price of a Sony. As for downloading various odds and ends.. Why do you think I use Macs?

I helped a friend with a camcorder problem and we ended getting a Sony tape on to work wit his MacBoook. The person who served us said that no modern camcorder we had struggled with a JVC one would work due to the digital protection requirements. I own a Sony HDD handycam camcorder.

How to Import Mini DV Tapes on a Mac

I also own a Macintosh computer. Unfortunately the camcorder is not compatible with Macintosh. When I rang Apple technical support they informed me that I would have to transfer the files by running the software. Given that Sony advertises this software to enable owners to use their product I turn to you for your assistance. I would be enormously grateful if you could assist me. It is very frustrating having treasured footage of my daughter on camcorder and not being able to use it.

Thanks for all the information here. I picked up a DCR-SR42 at the camera shop on Friday, and without asking for more specifics, I took the recommendation of the salesperson which said just use the USB with the mac, it will work just fine. They are VERY knowledgeable. Check it out for something fun. Thanks again!!!!

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Ever wonder why they cost more than most other brands?? Errr … while Apple produces a great deal of software including a key piece in this discussion thread, iMovie the vast majority of software available on the Mac is written by third-party developers. Just want to clarify before I try to find this download and buy it.

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  • So I just bought the Sony Handycam hdr-cx7 yesterday. Anyone know which if any HD cam I can get to work with my mac? They seem to know everything about what works with what.

    Trying to capture digital video from SONY Handycam to iMovie

    And then upgrade to Final Cut Studio 2 which works with avchd. Problem solved…. I hope it works for you too. I have the Sony SR The picture and sound quality are stunning. Same problem about extracting the video…. Apple until recently sold it online in their store but not any more.

    That probably translates into dollars although it should be more than dollars if you believe in that concept of exchange rates. I just bought a card reader…download my video into a folder and the log and transfer in FCP. Make sure that you have the update from Final Cut Pro 6 which is 6. Handycam hdr-cx7 and Mac Works for me.

    Part 2. Tips of importing camcorder videos to Mac

    If you want to try it out, download Voltaic and it will give you 10 free clip conversions so you can see if it works on your system before you pay. I downloaded Voltaic a few days ago demo and just using the mac pro via memory stick got the footage into imovie but the quality was bad. Real skippy tech term? Also desaturated a bit. Val do you think the extra step of downloading to the pc first would improve qual?

    I would like to use imovie for quick projects without the quality lose.

    How to Transfer Hi8 to iMac | It Still Works

    I had to tell them that iMovie now supports the format. Just purchased the SR8, and still waiting for the shipping. Have not purchased a computer for editing thus far. Just really simple editing of family vacations and such. On the edge of a quad core for speed or the new Macs that just came out for software reasons. Any comments would be appreciated! In the import window I can see the video play, but when I try to import it, 10 sec.

    Latest in-depth reviews

    I just recieved the same handycam from a friend asking me to put it onto dvd for him. I was like sure, piece of cake, connect it, copy the mpeg files, put it into iDVD and burn. These handycams are shit, i say stick to old trustworthy tape. The re-vamped iMovie saw the camcorder and is in the process of importing the movies directly to the program. Just an FYI, but it seems to be fixed. So thus far, it seems buying a Apple may work. Just to recap, I just purchased my SR7 and should be here in 2 more days, but I still have not decided on a computer for editing.